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The dictionary defines Assemblage as a collection or gathering of things or people. Additionally, it represents an artistic composition involving the grouping together of multi-dimensional objects. That is who we are – a diverse collective of creatives & animators with years of experience in the animation & visual effects industry.

We have assembled an award-winning team of the best for our slate of feature films and TV shows and collaborate with filmmakers and storytellers all over the world to bring their vision to life!

The world of animation is evolving. We always push the boundaries, open doors to a whole new world of possibilities, and deliver through creative engineering as innovators and first movers in the industry. As a team, we are passionate about bringing our wildest imaginations to life. Animation is a universal language with the power to move, inspire, and entertain.

We believe in being good humans first and then being great creators, great animators, great programmers, great producers, great problem-solvers, and great leaders.

And above all else, we believe in bringing smiles to faces. 

Our story

On an otherwise uneventful day in December 2013, AK Madhavan aka Madmax a visionary who opened up Indian shores for many an animation first, with a passion for developing visually stunning stories and a desire to push the boundaries of animation, founded Assemblage. Along with fellow trailblazers they set up a modest studio in a small space in Mumbai. Having built an enviable reputation over many decades as an approachable and supportive mentor, Max formed a team of 20-odd professionals as he took the entrepreneurial dive.


Arjun Madhavan decided to quit his private equity career in London and returned to India to join his father Max to build a world-class studio in the region. The studio’s prodigious growth has been a labor of love since its inception. A relentless pursuit of excellence by the team and unstinting confidence from clients enabled them to do the unthinkable. They delivered five global theatrical animated features and many television series. With a little more than tremendous goodwill, a solid reputation, and a passionate team, they set out to achieve the impossible. There was no looking back.

This was the precursor for our ambitions and thus began our journey. With a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure that caters to the industry’s hybrid working models, several hundred artists and technologists, and exciting global high-end projects in the works, Assemblage is aiming for the stars.

Assemblage partnered with Cinesite, one of the world’s leading independent digital entertainment studios headquartered in London with additional studios in Montreal and Vancouver alongside group VFX brands Image Engine, Trixter, FX3X as well as animation brands L’Atelier Animation and Squeeze Animation. Notable productions include Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Avengers: Endgame, Mary Poppins Returns, Avengers: Infinity War, Independence Day: Resurgence, Spectre, Space Jam, Addams Family, and The Revenant, for which it won a Visual Effects Society award in 2015. They recently won the BAFTA in Special, Visual and Graphic Effects for its work on The Witcher. Cinesite is our true creative partner who aligns with our vision of working with filmmakers to build characters and tell stories that are truly breathtaking. Our partnership encourages innovation, collaboration, and co-creation of spectacular visuals.

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A K Madhavan, Founder and Director

A K Madhavan or popularly known as MADMAX formed Assemblage Entertainment in 2013. He is exceptionally recognized in the business of media, film, and entertainment as the one accredited with opening the doors of the Indian animation industry to the global markets. Max believes in the unreasonable power of creativity. His passion and track record of producing several hundred global television properties, theatrical wide releases, and content for streamers led to him being voted the “Most Influential” in the animation/media industry in India by his peers.

In his 20-plus years in the industry, Madhavan has delivered over 400+ TV episodicals, multiple DVDs, and over six global feature films, with celebrated clients spanning from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia establishing him as one of our industry’s most credible and well-rounded leaders.

Madhavan is a compassionate and strategic leader who leveraged the power of creativity and storytelling to build Assemblage slowly and steadily. This landed him in the exclusive HOT50 Digital Studio Power List for the 4th consecutive year in 2019.

Prior to Assemblage, Max was CEO at Crest Animation Studios. Over his 14-plus years, the studio and his work have been recognized by the industry and his teams have won several awards in India and globally, including BAFTA and ANNIE award nominations, and Apsara Guild Award among other laurels.

He spearheaded India’s first 3D stereoscopic animated film “Alpha and Omega” which was delivered, in collaboration with Lionsgate.

Max has been an integral part of and leads various governmental bodies and delegations in association with the Animation, Visual Effects, and Gaming (AVGC) industry including NASSCOM, CII, FICCI, etc. over the years.

Arjun Madhavan

Arjun Madhavan is the Chief Executive Officer of Assemblage Entertainment, India’s premium CGI animation house.

As a new-gen entrepreneur, Arjun has played a pivotal role in shaping Assemblage over the past decade, working with a global marquee clientele producing premium and world-class animated content across multi-platforms, genres, and formats. Arjun is a firm believer in the power of people and partnerships and is all about investing in talent who will keep the studio and industry moving forward in the future.

As a London School of Economics graduate, Arjun began his career as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank in London. He was also part of the commercial, strategy, and business development team at Genel Energy, under the tutelage of former BP CEO Tony Hayward and Nat Rothschild.

He was featured in the Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Asia list in the media and entertainment category and was also awarded the “AVGC 40 Under 40” title, initiated by AnimationXpress, to recognize the finest 40 individuals from the Indian AVGC ecosystem.