Our story

On an otherwise uneventful day in December 2013, Madmax, touted as a visionary who opened up Indian shores for many an animation first, decided to endeavour another and set up an entrepreneurial animation studio co-producing two global full length CGI feature films– Assemblage was born.

AK Madhavan aka Madmax – a stalwart of Indian animation; respected by industry and competition alike and a few other artists came together to create Assemblage.

These pioneers set up a modest studio in a small space. Having built an enviable reputation over the years as an approachable and supportive mentor, Max found a team of 70-odd professionals standing strong right behind him as he took the dive. Backed by the unstinting confidence of clients and employees, they did the unthinkable. They took on two international full-length 3D animation feature films.

With little more than tremendous goodwill, reputation and a passionate team at our disposal, Max and the rest of us set out to achieve the impossible. Drawing on relationships built over close to two decades, this task was accomplished. Within two years of beginning operations we had completed two full-length feature 3D animation films in parallel – a feat unheard of on the Indian animation horizon.

This was the precursor for our own ambitions and expectations from clients, and thus began our journey. Now, with a 15,000 sq.ft of space in the heart of Mumbai, more than 280 artists and exciting high-end projects under the sleeve, Assemblage is aiming for the stars.